Exhibition call for 2023 is open


The Northern Photographic Centre (PVK) exhibition call for 2023 is open until 2 August 2022. Exhibitions will be selected by the NPC exhibition committee. Three to five exhibition periods are available for application in 2023. The exhibitions are for a duration of 5–8 weeks. 

Northern Photographic Centre is profiled for high-quality, contemporary photographic art. The reputation of the centre is based on rigorous and long-term work to showcase high-quality photographic art in the northern regions. Northern Photographic Centre emphasises the long-term, ecological focus in its activities and choices, and actively promotes a responsible culture of contemporary art. It believes in transparency and free sharing of human capital.

The gallery of Northern Photographic Centre is located in the Cultural Centre Valve in the town centre of Oulu, with free admission to the exhibitions. More than 35,000 visitors per year visit the gallery, and the gallery is open every day from 10:00–20:00. The gallery has seven rooms and has a total floor area of approximately 135 square metres. The premises have stone walls and a red brick floor. Two rooms have a screen and a video projector for the presentation of video works. The gallery is also ideal for team exhibitions. 

You can find out more about the premises here: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=4CTRKh1PA2U

The Northern Photographic Centre provides productive support and pays a two-month salary for an artist as part of a special grant from the Kone Foundation. The remuneration is exhibition-specific and equal for all. 

Northern Photographic Centre organises the transfers of works to and from the exhibition, the insurance of works during transport and exhibition, travel, and accommodation costs to the grand opening of the exhibition, information, and opening ceremony. 

Northern Photographic Centre encourages applicants to offer a wide range of challenging and lens-based media-based sets of photographs that are fresh or relate to current issues. The utilisation of the premises as part of the exhibition is considered to be an advantage. Northern Photographic Centre hopes for exhibition proposals from photographers belonging to linguistic, cultural, or other minorities, and encourages people of all ages and genders to submit applications. All exhibition proposals will be assessed confidentially.


The exhibition application must include:

1. A exhibition plan containing a description of the exhibition theme (statement).

2. Images to support the application. 

3. CV(s) (artist groups must append each artist’s CV)

The exhibition application shall use the ArtCurator.io platform.                                                                                           

Further information available from: Taija Jyrkäs, taija@photonorth.fi, tel. +358 40 1281 150 

Application platform instructions:

Start by registering on the ArtCurator platform.

Each group chooses a contact person to fill out the application form. The contact person is responsible for passing on information to other members of the group. If you want to apply as both an individual applicant and as the representative of a group, you must register for the ArtCurator platform using two different email addresses.

In the application system each applicant must first fill out their own information before adding detailed information for each work proposal (“Add  artwork”). To each artwork you must add at least one picture. You can include a link and/or file attachment to a work in the field at the end of the form. A series of works counts as one proposal and only one work proposal form needs to be filled out for the whole series. Artwork/project is automatically attached to the application when all the required information and at least one image is saved.

For data security reasons, the ArtCurator platform has a time-out feature that shuts it down after 60 minutes. So, we recommend that you write longer texts in advance using a word processing programme and then copy-paste them into the application form.

Once all the required fields on the form have been completed, you can submit your application. The send button is on the upper righthand corner of the form. 

You do not have to complete the application form at once. However, remember to send your completed application before the application period ends.

If you have problems or questions related to the application platform, use the chat window on the site or send an email to: info@artor.io


Q: Cannot find SEND-button

A: Check that you have all required information filled and you have at least one artwork attached. SEND-button appears in the top-right corner

Q; I attached one/multiple artwork but still no SEND button appear

A: Check that there are no unfinished artworks in you artworks list. Remove the ones you don't want to attach and the SEND-button should appear.